Tuesday, October 9, 2012

NewBo Veggies: super cute, and already mostly gone!

We're excited about the opening of the NewBo City Market on 3rd St. SE later this month. To celebrate its arrival, we made some cute little amigurumi veggies, and decided to install them (using a hook and fishing line) on lamp posts along the street.

We installed them on Thursday, and by Sunday afternoon all but two were gone. If you want to see the garlic and corn, get yourself down there quickly, before they're all taken. Perhaps the patrons of the local drinking establishments couldn't resist jumping up and grabbing the cute little vegetables on their way home Saturday night.

Alas, the ephemeral nature of yarn tags!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Library Construction Site Tag

The Foundrix installs a new tag on the library construction fence, corner of 4th Ave. & 5th St. SE.:

It's all the way to the left (near the SUV driving by):

Sunday, July 29, 2012

House tagged! 7/23/12

Pictures of the house tagging project in the New Bohemia neighborhood. Find it at the corner of 11th Ave and 3rd St. SE in Cedar Rapids Iowa! (Thanks to The Foundrix for making the slideshow.)

Our 2x2xU Board

Here's the board we created for 2x2xU, an annual public art exhibition hosted by the New Bohemia Group  -- it's on display in the window of the house we tagged:

Here's a close-up of the teeny-tiny table and chair inside the house (previously a butterfly house):

7/11/12 Out with the old tag, in with the new

Lots of people had seen our tags outside Brewed Awakenings on First Ave., but the weather had taken its toll. Here's the old tag's funeral:

The Foundrix sews on her new tag:

A few minutes after the new tag appeared, a couple of guys (probably Coe students) walked by, noticed it was new, and gave it a little pat.

5/5/12 Goodwill "Recycle in Style" fashion show appearance

Our beloved chair sat next to the runway at Goodwill's 4th Annual Recycle in Style Fashion Show.

Cloak & Tagger added a yarn tag (which disappeared soon after) to Goodwill's downspout just before the show.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ragbrai tag

Yarntagrz Facebook page fan Anne Salamon pointed out that the Yarntagrz ought to put up a tag on the Ragbrai route!  Awesome idea. Especially since many of the riders may not quite get as far as our awesome tagged house (post on that to come later).
So I whipped up a Ragbrai-themed tag.  It's orange, blue, and green--for the Orange Tribe, Blue Tribe, and Green Tribe, the three groups of Ragbrai riders.

The tag has our QR code on it.

It's outside Sycora Bakery, where I also bought some Kolaky cookies.  I'd recommend them.

Bikers were already in Czech Village when I put up the tag at about noon today!