Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tiny Bunnies--the tiniest yarn tag!

While we're working on our Very Large Tags for the house at 10th Ave and 3rd St, we've got some other projects going on . . .

One of them is Tiny Bunnies.

Yeah, they're cute, but they're also part of a larger movement!
The Tiny Bunny Movement has this to say about itself on its facebook page:
We make tiny bunnies and leave them places for people to find and adopt. It brightens their day!
Well, OK!  That's simple!  And it takes just no time at all--and just the tiniest scrap of yarn--to make a tiny bunny to leave somewhere.  I've left them at Bruggers, Brewed Awakenings, and TCR.  I think of them as tiny bits of yarn graffiti!

Some of our younger members have helped spread the Tiny Bunnies at Lindale Mall when we were there for the Maker Fair.  Here are some of the bunnies:

The Ravelry TBM group (where you can find knit and crochet patterns for tiny bunnies) suggests that a small post-it or tag can be left with the bunnies, so I made some.
The tags make sure that people know that they weren't left behind on accident, but it also makes them into more of a gift than a piece of graffiti.

Whether they're yarn graffiti, or gifts for anyone to take home, these bunnies are pretty fun.

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  1. We checked the mall today -- all the bunnies have been adopted!