Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Tags soon!

We're scheduled to work on tags today at Brewed at 2 p.m. We might be able to install them this evening . . . or maybe we'll wait until better weather!

Here's a document I put together to leave at Groundswell after we install our tags:

Why are there sweaters on the sign posts?
Those "sweaters" are yarn tags, pieces of public art made by local yarn artists. Yarn tags are like graffiti--they're free of charge and take art to the streets. But unlike graffiti, yarn tags don't harm property, and they can easily be removed.

Why yarn?
Because we are crocheters and knitters! We also like the statement we make when we cover mass-produced, functional fixtures with whimsical, one-of-a-kind art.

Why here?
We love what's happening in the Time Check neighborhood, especially what's going on here at Groundswell and Matthew 25. We also know that this neighborhood could use some beauty and whimsey to counteract the effects of the flood.

We hope you enjoy the unexpected sight of these colorful yarn tags!

Would you like to join us in creating yarn tags for the Cedar Rapids area? Send us a message at

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