Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Tags: Time Check neighborhood

We finally got our new tags up in the Time Check neighborhood, right outside the new Groundswell community center (the old Hubbard Ice building).

We'd been putting off the installation because it's been so HOT--and today wasn't great, but it WAS below 90. I think.

Here we are in the coolness of Brewed, finishing up some projects.

Last week, a young woman sitting near us asked to take our picture. She was working for the Obama campaign and was supposed to send them a photo of where she was working. She thought a picture of us would be cool. Well, yeah. Wish I'd asked her to send us a copy!

We went over to Time Check to install our art. I dropped off a flyer at the Groundswell center so they knew what we were doing . . . and off we went!

Go check it out--and stop by at Groundswell for some ice cream!

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