Sunday, October 23, 2011

Scouting for October installation

Went downtown to scout out a potential location for a new yarn installation.

We want to tag TCR to honor its support of local playwrights during its Underground Play Festival.

There are several tagging options.

Probably the meter poles are not a good idea
--they may be removed or changed soon to make way for the new solar-powered meters.

This fence looks PERFECT for a project that involves weaving . . . but it also looks like private property, so maybe not.

We Yarntagrz don't usually tag pretty streetscape items like these pretty lamp posts. They don't need any art on them! Let's put our tags on otherwise ugly or neutral items.

However, there are some cool options that might be nice. For example, there are two sign posts that flank the entrance to the theatre.
They have an 8" diameter, so our usual tags would fit nicely! And we can make them as tall as we can reach.
They're certainly ugly-to-neutral; some yarn would help their looks.

This big square post would be a nice place for some granny square tags.
Each side is approx. 5 1/2 inches. Four granny square tags of that size, sewn together, would make a stylish tag for this monster. We could just put one on the post, or make a bunch.

And creating yarn garments for sculptures is a time-honored yarntagging idea. There's a sculpture of two dancers right across the street from the theatre--they are life-size, and maybe they need some hats or scarves?

Let's get our hooks and needles flying! We have a bit less than 2 weeks before opening night. Maybe we could plan to do our tagging on Thurs., Nov.3.

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