Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Tag at TCR!

Gorgeous day for installing this tag. Most people ignored me, but some workmen did notice what was happening. "Looks great!" one said. Another stopped on his way back and asked "how long did that take you?"

After I finished, a smartly-dressed woman stopped on the corner to look at it. "I love those! They look cozy," she said. "I saw some by the coffeeshop--did you put up those, too?"

I look forward to seeing the other tags go up by TCR!


  1. BTW, I volunteer at TCR quite alot and know alot of people who work there.. if you need permission/sponsorship.. let me know.. or if you need help with installation I can probably get you some help,..,

  2. Hey Dave--I'm finally getting around to you . . . are you interested in helping us work on our next project? Check it out on our blog!