Saturday, January 28, 2012

Project idea: Cover a house!

Next yarntagging project: a house.
OK, not the whole house, but a porch.
I wanted to work on a large-scale tagging project that would be located in one of the areas of CR that was hit by the flood and is struggling back. I drove around a bit looking for a location, and spotted this house over in the New Bo neighborhood. It's on the corner of 3rd St. and 10th Ave. SE, just a block down from the Cherry Building.

I like the neighborhood because it's definitely seen better times (the house itself has boarded up windows) but is also coming back to life with all the New Bo renovations, including CSPS, Cherry building, indoor market.

This house needs some yarn love.

So my idea is to cover the porch: spindles, posts, and the railing. It would also be cool to also cover the back wall with thrifted afghans. I would like to thrift a chair, maybe a big rocker, and cover it, and leave it on the porch.

I think this would bring a lot of warm color and whimsy to the house and the neighborhood! The house is placarded with a REAP HRDP sign, which seems to suggest that someone got a small grant to fix up the home . . . I'll look into that.

Tagging this home/porch is a big project, but if we get lots of people working, we can do it--maybe by this spring.

What we need:
  • 28 spindle covers, 4"x 27" (or 4" x 12" if you just want to cover the middle round part of the spindles) OK. That sounds like a lot, but I almost finished one in about 45 minutes while chatting with Kelly at Brewed! Easy with a K hook and some cheap worsted yarn. I did a dc, ch 1 mesh, which I've used on all the tags I've done. It's stretchy, works up fast, and looks great from afar!
  • 1 medium-sized post cover, 10" x 8'--I can do this one, as I have a 8" tag that will probably stretch to cover it.
  • 2 large-sized post covers (for the posts on the end, which have downspouts attached to them), 18" x probably 12' --I'm guessing we might cut up thrifted afghans for these large tags.
I don't yet have measurements for covering the back wall, but that would be done with afghans. Kelly also had an idea that involves a planter!

Let me know what you think about this project. Would you like to make a tag for it? Know anyone else who'd like to join in?


  1. What do you still need knitted. I could probably do some.

  2. Hey Brent--Knitted is AWESOME! Do you want to help us? Reply here or email us at yarntagrz dot g mail dot com!

    The Yarntagr Foundrix